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Jaguar Suite


The next generation in race timing software.

The new Jaguar Suite radically changes the industry by offering extensive new capabilities never before seen in a timing system.


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Jaguar Suite

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Summary of Jaguar Suite Features

  • Support for the new Snapshot Photo system for selling race photos to athletes
  • Automatic upload of race results to ITS YOUR RACE system for live results
  • Integration with IYR for automatic updates to Facebook and Twitter of athlete times
  • Improved Chip Check for handling large crowds of athletes near the system
  • Enhanced filters with real-time updates on screen of filtered chip reads
  • Faster read performance that delivers greater accuracy of chip times
  • Team reports for events such as relays, corporate teams, mud runs, etc.
  • Automatic reports that run in the background and notify you when completed
  • Ability to save databases to multiple locations for enhanced redundancy
  • Auto-Merge that runs in the background to gather data from all timing points
  • Database can now be re-sized on screen and has split column mode
  • Enhanced demo mode allowing more control to simulate actual races
  • Import of race data supports multiple delimiters and improved field recognition
  • Support for the new Kiosk and Announcer software with age group reports
  • Improved chip programming for greater chip performance on race day
  • Enhanced database analytics for finding data problems before delivering results
  • Time Trial mode for Combines, cycling, PT tests, with detailed stats
  • Support for the new Jaguar Digital Time Clock over a wireless interface
  • Ability to communicate with Jaguar Tomcat over a Wi-Fi network
  • Placement of logos, background images or other artwork on race reports

Jaguar Announcer – Send Live Results to Any Screen

Jaguar Announcer software allows for real-time race information to be shown on multiple displays anywhere on the course. These displays can include logos, advertising messages, runner information and more.

Jaguar Announcer automatically scrolls during the race, giving athletes and spectators a better race experience. Data can be shared anywhere in the world displaying athlete information such as: name, age, city, laps completed, race finish time and much more.

Race information and results can also be automatically sent to cell phones, websites, or various social media channels available today.

Jaguar Suite

Track Simultaneous Races and Age Groups

Jaguar Suite allows you to track up to 100 races at the same time, with up to 25 different age groups. This makes it easy to manage complex events with multiple races going on simultaneously.

Jaguar Suite

Generate Instant Reports

Customizable reports allow you to generate results based on the specific needs of the race director, the event, and the athlete, all within the touch of a button.

In addition to custom reports, Jaguar Suite is loaded with stock reports such as Cross Country Scoring, Triathlon, Lap events, Multi-Stage events, and more.

Jaguar Suite

Instant Communication Between Devices via WiFi and the Cloud

Jaguar Suite is set up to talk to RapidResults Kiosks, Jaguar TomCats, and more via WiFi so you don’t have to manually transfer data. Say goodbye to thumb drives!

Jaguar Suite also has full integration with the ITS YOUR RACE platform so you can push live race results to the cloud instantly. Anyone can then view the results and updates online via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Jaguar Suite


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