“FYI, last week we timed the state USATF 1 mile championship. There were close to 400 each registered in the mens’ and womens’ competitive mile races. There was a strong Elite field. A 1-mile race is challenging to time because it is fast and dense – runners don’t get to spread out much over a mile. (In the mens’ heat there were 150 finishers in under 6 minutes.) Not only did we read every one of the chips at the start and finish, but we got every finisher in the correct order. This is unheard of with disposable chip timing!”

“Everything went flawless with 100% accuracy and reads yesterday.”

“Had the sixth race of the Mountain Bike Series and it POURED down rain all race ( the racers said it was like racing up a river! ) put a plastic garbage bag over are Cubby, used H chips, and even in the rain, mud, sand and whatever else, we had 100% read and the system worked perfectly! Will post some pics later…we had a blast even though I was soaked from head to toe!”

“We had three tris (one duathlon) this weekend. We used all the cool stuff. Kiosks, etc. Everything went well.”

“Driving wind, storming rain, Ultra Train run, Winona Lake Indiana…100% read rate…”

“Great New Features with Jaguar…As usual the product has been perfect…”

“We just did a major cycling race with riders going as fast as 30mph and we had a perfect 100% read rate. Not only that, it was on an open road with trucks and cars going by the entire race. It’s incredible that we can time an event that size and get a 100% read rate with a chip that sells for only 75 cents! Amazing!”

“I am so pleased with how well this is working. Having done this for 10 years and timed over 50 races, I can honestly say the last 3 races have been by far my smoothest and easiest. Thank you to you and your team!”

“We had a 100% read rate in pouring rain at our mountain bike race, and we had people coming across the finish line very fast!”

“I did the timing for a road cycling event. There were about 250 racers. It’s a USA cycling event. We had 100% read rate. There were two racers that were toe to toe at the finish line and the official had 22 ahead of 28 and the system had 28 ahead of 22. I had them take a look at the Video camera and it showed that the timing system was right!!”

“Let me thank you for all you have done to help us get ready for the race. The personal attention we got from you, your enhanced software, your quick shipping of chips and antennas, the coaching/training sessions and your personal attendance at the event was priceless.”

“We had a race today and it went great. The system picked up several timing chips that were under the shirt. That made our life easy. The people had a company last year that used a chip on the shoe. They said many chips were missed because they were wet. They had to go back and match the chip number and it was a pain. They were really impressed with the Jaguar system and they want us to come back next year. Your system really made it easy and made us look good!”

“I thought I would send you an update just to let you know how things went at the race. It was quite an event with world class mountain bikers in attendance. In our day one test we were picking up reads at 51 feet. We still went with manual back up just in case but it really wasn’t needed that often. Both days finished with almost 100% reads.”

“Just to let you know, we timed a 5K on Sunday the 19th, with no misses! Had the age group report right after. Thanks.”

“We have been using the system for several months now and we love how it works.”

“Our experience with Jaguar has been 100% positive. Our first race returned 100% chip reads. What we were told about the system prior to delivery was 100% accurate.”

“The versatility of this system is what truly sets it apart from your competitors. The ability to not only do what your biggest competitor does, but also improve upon it by being able to do bike races, etc., make it perfect for many of us.”