Time your track meets and produce accurate results to 1,000th of a second using our Jaguar Chip Timing system, combined with our PhotoVision high-speed cameras at your finish line!

Incredible Features at Low Prices!


A complete Photo Capture system including the Camera, Software and FAT wireless gun capture! 


  • Full frame high resolution color photos

  • Speeds from 120 to 1,000 fps

  • F.A.T. results accurate to 1,000th of a sec

  • Easy to set up in less than 10 minutes

  • No image stretching or distortion

  • Connects to a laptop over USB

  • No thin slices here, it's full frame pics

  • Manual and Digital zoom

  • Integrates with laser for extreme accuracy

  • Automatic and manual capture

  • Captures continuously to your hard disk

  • Integrates with our lasers

  • Sends finish time to our digital clocks

  • Interfaces to all Track & Field software

  • Lightweight and very easy to deploy

  • Amazing support 364 days a year

PhotoVision Model 1000 - $3,995

Jaguar Timing

The world leader in RFID Chip timing with a fold-up ramp that can be setup in 46 seconds!


  • Times up to 50,000 athletes

  • Internal battery lasts for 4.5 hours

  • Records times to 1,000th of a second

  • Ramp covers 14 feet in width

  • Setup can be completed in 46 seconds

  • Connects to a laptop over USB

  • Comes with all software and cables

  • So compact it's carry-on for most flights

  • Uses a 75 cent disposable chip on a bib

  • Real-time reports and scoring

  • Operates on 110-240 volts AC or battery

  • Works great in rain, ice, snow and heat

  • 100% fail-safe read redundancy

  • Sends finish time to our digital clocks

  • Used at over 18,000 races each year

  • Amazing support 364 days a year

Jaguar Platinum XT/FGA - $6,495

PhotoVision Model 2000 - $4,495

Digital Clocks

Imagine having a 7"or 9"digital clock at the finish line that fans can see from over 1,000 feet away!


  • Dual super-bright LEDs that are amazing

  • Incredibly thin at about 1 inch in depth

  • Extremely light and easy to mount

  • Internal battery lasts up to 16 hours

  • Displays times to 100th of a second

  • Remote control with long range

  • Communicates with Jaguar/PhotoVision

  • Comes with USB dongle & software

  • Displays times, laps, bibs, counter, etc.

  • Software scripts for complete automation

  • Up to 250 clocks can be synchronized

  • Can be operated on 110-240 volts AC

  • Works great in rain, ice, snow and heat

  • Can show some words and text

  • Used at major events worldwide

  • Amazing support 364 days a year

Jaguar 7"Digital Clock - $1,595

Jaguar 9"Digital Clock - $1,995

PhotoVision Model 3000 - $4,995

PhotoVision Model 4000 - $6,995


It started back in 2007 and today we are the world leader in RFID race timing technology.


- Race operations support

- Marketing programs

- Lead generation to help you grow

- Amazing technical support

- Loaner equipment for those big races

- Incredible training

- Financing to help you expand

- Support from a regional office


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