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Jaguar User Conference - What to Expect!


Lynda Newhart of Upper Merion Cross Country shares her thoughts on the Jaguar Users Conference and why you should attend this annual event! Her responses are truly inspirational for anyone looking to build their business.


When did you become a Jaguar Timer?

  • We bought our system in 2017 but just started timing races in March, 2018.



Why did you choose Jaguar over other competitors?

  • After reviewing several companies, I narrowed it down to three and contacted each one. Irene Crane was the only one who got back to me immediately. I was attracted to the idea that ITS had teamed with Its Your Race and it was basically one stop shopping. After reading the reviews from timers about customer support along with talking to Irene about the system, I was confident that the Jaguar Timing System would fit our needs.



What influenced you to attend the 2018 Jaguar User’s Conference?

  • I knew very little about how to use the system. What better way to learn but to immerse myself amongst people who have worked with the system for many years. I might have been more intimidated had I realized I was the only person who never timed a race but I am really happy I went.



Can you tell us a little about your first Conference experience?

  • Last year was my first experience and I was thrilled. Kurt is a dynamic leader who is passionate about his company and I feel he really cares for the timers and people who work with him. The entire staffs of ITS and It’s Your Race were very welcoming to a new timer like myself. They were patient in answering questions (Jim spent an hour plus with me one evening trying to fix a hardware problem). The other timers were all so friendly and supportive – especially Lowell Ladd who allowed me to watch him time track meets, eventually came and timed our high school track meets in the spring and was instrumental in supporting our purchase of a PhotoVision in June. Overall it was definitely worth it!



What was your biggest takeaway from the Conference?

  • My biggest takeaway was seeing the big picture of how all the pieces (Jaguar hardware and software and Its Your Race) work together. This connected idea was one of the key selling points to purchase this system but seeing it in action, talking to people who created the parts and meeting people who were using it, made the idea of timing real and doable for me.



Was attending the Conference beneficial to your business, if so, please explain why?

  • Without attending the conference I would not have made the connections with people that were helpful for me to even learn the system. So yes, by attending I learned how to run the system and the “ins and outs” of timing races. This year I focused on just timing 5 races and reached out to people via word of mouth. Next year I would like to expand the number of races and work on advertising our timing company. Although this was offered last year I was not ready. Next year, I feel I can take another step.



What would you say to other Timers that are on the fence about attending?

  • It is worth the time and money. The free software and discounts more than cover the cost of attending. For me as a new timer, it was amazing and even though my head was spinning with ideas, I came home more confident about running the system.  I also talked to several, very experienced timers who have been doing this for years and they felt the conference was “the best ever”. I think the rollout of new products (like PhotoVision and the folding ground antenna) really piqued people’s interest. This is an innovative company that has a vision and cares about its timers.



Do you plan to attend next year’s Conference?

  • Right now yes. Immersing myself in the culture of Jaguar community gave me the confidence to time our events this year. It was a much larger learning curve than I anticipated but was well worth the investment. It made me realize I want to learn more and this is a process. I need to keep feeding my mind about the system and Its Your Race to fully capitalize on all these two companies have to offer. By attending the conference, I surround myself with the most knowledgeable, passionate people in the company. It energized me not only about timing but my life as well.


About Innovative Timing Systems, LLC: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC is a privately-owned company, providing leading-edge sports timing solutions and race timing services through a network of over 500 locations around the world. ITS provides advanced chip technologies, race kiosks, large athlete displays, live web updates, automated race photos, social media integration and mobile apps. Founded in 2008, ITS is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has sales, support, and engineering facilities in numerous locations around the world.

About ITS YOUR RACE: ITS YOUR RACE is the leader in online event management. An all-inclusive endurance event platform, ITS YOUR RACE offers easy registration and results with custom features including sponsorships, advertising opportunities, GPS tracking, athlete photos, finisher certificates, fundraising, and more. Over 10,000 events have chosen ITS YOUR RACE.

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