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High-Speed Photo Capture at an Affordable Price!

FAT high speed camera PhotoVision
Women running in Jaguar Chip Timed Race
Downhill Ski Race chip timed with Jaguar
Motorcycle Race chip timing with Jaguar
Mountain Bike Race timed with Jaguar Chip Timing System


Time your track meets and produce accurate results using our PhotoVision high-speed cameras at your finish line. 

Cross Country

 Integrate RFID chip timing with PhotoVision for cross country results accurate to 1,000th of a second.

5Ks to Marathons

 Integrate RFID chip timing with PhotoVision for race results accurate to 1,000th of a second.

Downhill and XC Skiing

Capture finish photos up to 250 feet away with 1,000th of a second of accuracy at speeds up to 200mph

Mtn Bike and Super Bike

Capture finish photos of high speed events like downhill races or motorcycle races at speeds up to 0mph

Kayak and Sailing Races

We offer high-performance distance lenses for capturing high speed photos up to 500 feet away

PhotoVision Single, Dual and Trio Solutions

PhotoVision is now the industry leader when it comes to price/performance/benefits! You can use our Single, Dual or Trio camera solution to capture photos from multiple points. All of the cameras run at full frame-rate and capture high resolution full color pictures. When it comes to scoring a race, we've made that easy as well. You can have 1, 2 or 3 cameras capturing, and 1, 2 or 3 laptop computers scoring a race. Imagine dividing up the heats as they start rapidly and using 2 or 3 laptops to quickly score the heats at a big race. We've made it so easy to handle large meets, while also providing benefits for other types of timing. Perhaps you want to analyze a baseball pitcher's delivery to the plate. We make that easy with our add-on Baseball Analyzer. How about football combines where you want to measure the athlete's time to 1,000th of a second, while also studying their running gate? Need to help your golf team improve those fairway shots? Our dual camera solution is ideal for this purpose.


  • Full frame high resolution color photos

  • No thin slices here and no stretched athletes

  • Results accurate to 1,000th of a second

  • Easy to set up in less than 10 minutes

  • No image stretching or distortion

  • Connects to a laptop over our 32-foot USB cable

  • USB runs at 10x the speed of older Gigabit cameras

  • Integrates with our lasers for fully automated capture

  • Saves photos to the disk drive for permanent storage

  • No need to have a board painted white for the finish line

  • Sends preliminary finish time to our digital clocks

  • Works well in low to extremely bright lighting conditions

  • FAT gun capture for precise timing of events

  • Interfaces with our Jaguar Chip Timing System

  • Interfaces to all meet management software

  • Lightweight and easy to deploy

Track n Field runners timed with Jaguar Chip Timing System

As you can see here, we don't have to re-assemble thin slices to try and create a finish photo. We capture full frames and this allows you to watch the finish order as they come in with time stamps down to 1,000th of a second.

Everything you need for Fully Automatic Timing!

PhotoVIsion High Speed Camera for FAT and Track n Field
Jaguar lasers for precise race timing by Innovative Timing Systems

Finish Line Lasers for amazing accuracy

FATcap wireless system for FAT and Track n Field events
FAT wireless system for Track n Field races

FATcap wireless Transmitter with microphone for detecting gun fire

PhotoVision Camera with lenses you can swap out for various events

Jaguar Digital Clock

FATcap wireless Receiver and Digital Interface for gates and lasers

Deliver clear and immediate results to spectators and athletes with our wireless LED clocks!

  • Dual super-bright durable LEDs

  • Incredibly thin at about 1 inch in depth

  • Light and easy to mount

  • Internal battery lasts up to 16 hours

  • Displays times to 100th of a second

  • Communicates with PhotoVision wirelessly

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • FREE App for operating the clock

  • Works on 110-240V AC

  • Works in rain, ice, snow and hurricanes

Which solution is right for you?

Jaguar PhotoVision high speed camera for timing track n field races

PhotoVision 2000 Camera


Includes camera, 6mm lens, 32-foot USB cable, receiver mount for use with your tripod, rain/sun shield, manual, software, training and military-grade case for all components. This product will provide up to 1,000th of a second accuracy.

FATcap wireless race timing system for track n field

FATcap Wireless Gun Capture


Includes the receiver that plugs into the USB port on your laptop computer. FATcap is powered by the USB interface, so no need for any batteries. Also includes our FATcap transmitter that will send its signal up to 1,000 feet to the receiver.

Jaguar lasers for precise race timing by Innovative Timing Systems

FATcap Precision Laser


Includes the transmitter and receiver. Our laser uses 4 independent beams to minimize false triggers and to also provide extreme redundancy. It can shoot the beams to 60 feet and the receiver comes with a cable that plugs into our FATcap receiver.

Dual PhotoVision Software


Once you have purchased two of our PhotoVision cameras, you can operate them in Dual mode using this software update. The Dual software allows you to capture from both cameras on a single laptop at full frame-rate, and then score the race using 1 to 3 computers. The Dual software is an annual license that includes all new feature enhancements.

Jaguar Digital Clock

Jaguar Digital Clocks

7" - $1,599

9" - $1,999

The most revolutionary clock you have ever seen. It's about 1 inch deep and weighs as little as 15lbs. It's so bright that you can see it from a mile away. It also communicates automatically with PhotoVision to show preliminary finisher results.

Save Money on our Bundled Deals



PhotoVision 2000

FATcap Wireless Gun Sensor

PhotoVision Software


Rain/Sun Shield




Everything in

Standard, plus:

Premium Camera Tripod

7-inch Digital Clock

Clock Tripod



Everything in

Enhanced, plus:

Auto Capture Laser Transmitter

Auto Capture Laser Receiver 

Laser Tripods

50' Laser Cable

PhotoVision comes with a one-year limited support agreement. An annual software license fee of $499 is required to use the software for another year.

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