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Here's why Jaguar is the best solution available

Reason 1 - the amazing athlete experience

Jaguar Race Timing System
  • Easy to use online registration system

  • FREE branded app for your event

  • Fundraising platform that increases revenue

  • Custom photo finisher certificates

  • Email campaigns to participants

  • Ads in RaceTimes magazine for your event

  • Sponsorship dollars for your race

  • On-site race support staff and engineers

  • Race-day bib assignments

  • Automated photos from across the course

  • Real-time GPS athlete tracking

  • Live updates to social media sites

  • Automated Photo Booth behind finish line

  • Large digital clocks showing real-time results

  • Live scrolling results screens

  • Play sponsor commercials on results screens

  • Live announcer updates for your DJ

  • Automatic age group reports in real-time

  • Kiosks with printed results and sponsor ads

  • Start/Split/Finish lines up to 128 feet wide

  • Leaderboards showing real-time rankings

  • Works for races from 50 to 50,000 athletes

  • Live support on race morning from engineers

  • Remote control of systems

  • Etc.

Imagine having one vendor that provides every single service you need to put on amazing events!

Reason 2 - a proven track record second to none

Jaguar Chip Timing System Pictures

70,000+ races timed with Jaguar

Reason 3 - earn more money with Jaguar

Money made with Jaguar Chip Timing System

99% of the people who buy a timing system are hoping to either build a nice business or they want to raise money for a charity or non-profit. Either way, the goal of making more money is often the motivation for purchasing. We get that. Our platform is the most profitable of any in the industry. Why? Because our Jaguar timing system is tightly integrated into our registration, results, apps, fund raising, kiosks, photo and sponsorship platforms. For example, imagine as a Jaguar timer earning $8 to $10 per participant at a typical 5K race with perhaps 375 participants. Jaguar is the only system in the world where you earn money on a number of unique services. Even better, we'll show you how to help races make far more money by using our Fund Raising platform, Sponsor program, RaceTimes Magazine, Email services, and so much more!

Jaguar is only platform that is 100% integrated from a single vendor offering registration, packet pickup, race-day bib assignment, 100% fail-safe backups, real-time results, social media integration, automated cameras across the course, photo sponsorship, FREE branded apps, fund raising, kiosks, scrolling results, sponsor commercials, ads in a national magazine with 760,000+ subscribers, etc.

Reason 4 - quality of support and training

Technical Support Jaguar Chip Timing Systems

Our support engineers have an average of 9 years experience with our company.

Let's be honest...once you buy the timing system, your journey is just starting. You deserve and should expect world class support, training, case studies, regional help, a library of training videos and so much more. Seriously, don't underestimate the importance of these issues. Even our top timers around the world attend webinars and training sessions to keep their skills sharp. Here are just a few of the things we do to make sure you will be successful with your Jaguar system:

  • Jaguar systems automatically report any potential issues to our engineers over the internet

  • 3 dedicated support engineers in our network control center; no answering machines here

  • Remote control over the internet of your system to help you on race day if needed

  • FREE monthly webinars where you can learn more about how to use our products

  • Private website with over 1,200 timers chatting, watching videos and reading case studies

  • 12 regional leaders around the world offering advice and guidance in your local area

  • On-site engineering support and training anywhere in the world

  • Simulations in our lab using your data for an upcoming race to ensure you're ready

  • Annual 3-day conference that includes over 50 breakout sessions and labs

  • Backup and/or additional systems that can be rented when needed

  • Average response time to any inbound call for technical support is under 90 seconds

  • Unlimited emails, phone calls and remote control training while current on support

It's Wednesday night at 5:30pm and you need immediate help. When you call here we have engineers ready to provide assistance. Some competitors will have an answering machine or a cell phone for their one guy...and maybe you leave a message. There are no maybes at our company. We are fully staffed and provide coverage during extended hours to help you!

Reason 5 - length of time in business

Innovative Timing Systems 16 Years in Business

When you look for a good doctor for your family, one of the most common questions you'll ask is, "How long have you been practicing medicine?"  It makes sense because you want somebody who has seen a lot of patients and had time to perfect their understanding of medicine. It's no different when it comes to timing systems. You may spend more on purchasing a system than you will spend on a doctor in the next few years. Thus, you want to buy from a company that has a lot of experience. On race morning, you don't want to be worrying about the reliability of your system. You want to know that well over 70,000 events have been successfully timed with the platform. Over the years, our technology has continued to evolve and improve. Today, our reliability and performance are second to none because we've seen it all. When investing a lot of money in a timing system, length of time in business really matters.

Reason 6 - protection of your investment

Jaguar from ITS protects your investment

For many people, purchasing a timing system is a major expense and one they don't take lightly. You want to know that you'll be able to use the platform for many years to come. If you look carefully, you'll find that some of our competitors either stop supporting their older systems, or they roll out new systems that are not compatible with previous products. This is never the case at our company. The very first Bronze systems we rolled out 14 years ago are still in use, and they'll likely be in use for another 10 years. That's crucial because it means you'll get the most use out of the asset and your cost per year of ownership will be much lower. Jaguar makes this possible!

Ask any vendor you are considering, the following questions:

  1. Does the system I am looking at buying work with every chip you sell? (Jaguar = Yes)

  2. Are you coming out with something new that won't work with the system I am buying? (Jaguar = No)

  3. Do you make your own systems so that a vendor in China can't disrupt your business? (Jaguar = Yes)

  4. Are you manufacturing your own chips so that industry shortages won't impact me? (Jaguar = Yes)

  5. Do you have 12 regional offices where I can rent or borrow timing gear if needed? (Jaguar = Yes)

  6. Are you able to do software updates directly into my hardware to keep it current? (Jaguar = Yes)

  7. Do you sell cheap Chinese knockoffs that are not products proudly made in the USA? (Jaguar = No)

  8. Is your system certified to be used in my country by the telecommunications authorities? (Jaguar = Yes)

Reason 7 - financing your purchase

Financing from Innovative Timing Systems

When you're ready to purchase, we'll make it easy on your check book. We offer financing and leasing programs that are ideal for businesses. If you have good credit, but are short on cash, we make it easy for you to start your business. We offer multiple types of financing including Section 179 leases that are designed for small businesses. These allow you to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of equipment (up to certain limits). The application process is easy and we have staff ready to help you.

Reason 8 - you don't have to take our word for it

Prestigious Award given to Innovative Timing Systems

It's easy for any company to claim they have the best system in the industry. Unfortunately, the truth is usually different than the hype. How do you actually determine if the product truly delivers on the promises stated? There are several things you can do. You could call references, do some Google searches, go to a race where the system is being used...and this would help. However, sometimes one of the best indicators of your accomplishments in the field is when your peers recognize your work. Not long ago, the world's premier organization for RFID technology honored our company with an award entitled "Best Use of RFID to Enhance A Product or Service." There are thousands of large companies using RFID technology and inventing new solutions nearly every day. For a small company like us to be recognized is proof positive that we're making amazing products that are worthy of national attention!

Award given to Innovative Timing Systems for RFID race timing technology

Reason 9 - patents say a lot about a company

YES, this really is important in your decision

If you buy technology or pharmaceutical stocks from a broker, one of the first things you should ask is what their R&D pipeline looks like. Why?  The future of these companies is often tied to new products they are developing, and patent applications are the first thing they do to protect their intellectual property. There's an old rule in investing...Find a company that has more patents than products on the shelf and you'll often be investing in a winner! A cheap patent can be done for $3,500 to $5,000. Often times you'll see people file cheap patents, which are nothing more than a marketing stunt. Good patents cost anywhere from $10,000 to as much as $100,000. Today we have 32 patents and more on the way. We've spent over $1 million on our patents because we know that they will keep us ahead of others in this industry. It's expensive, but when you are the world leader, you can afford it. 

ITS Patents
ITS Patents
ITS Patents
ITS Patents

We have 32 issued Patents, making us the world leader in race technology.

Reasons 10 to 100 - our amazing technical advantages

Feature Matrix for ITS Jaguar Chip Timing Systems

We could go on, but we think that's likely enough...

NOTE: The information above may contain errors and is subject to change at any time. You should always verify our competitor information before making an informed decision.
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