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Innovative Timing Systems Race Timing Brochure for Jaguar
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Timing System Brochure
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Digital Clock

A Completely Integrated Solution

Jaguar Race Timing System Flow Chart
  • Registration open until race starts

  • Race-day bib assignments

  • Fund raising with detailed reports

  • Photos uploaded in real-time

  • Live Athlete tracking mobile apps

  • Sponsorships with logos on photos

  • Scrolling results and Kiosks

  • Real-time Age Group awards

  • Custom Registration templates

  • Finisher certificates with photos

  • Integrated data across race course

  • Live support 364 days a year

The Jaguar Suite radically changes the industry by offering complete integration between the chip timing system, event registration, results, photos, live tracking, demographics, and more. Imagine having one fully integrated platform that helps you raise more money through an advanced fund raising system with detailed reports and demographics. You won't have the nightmare of working with multiple vendors when you adopt the Jaguar/ITS YOUR RACE platform.

The Leader in Specialty Races


Wouldn't it be great if you could use one chip timing system for every imaginable type of race?

  Well now you can. Jaguar has virtually no limits because of its unique design advantages


"When J3 Timing first started out we purchased a Cubby, which was by far the most reasonably priced starter system on the market. I've stayed with Jaguar because of the relentless pursuit ITS has in staying ahead of the curve. We have grown to be one of the largest timers in the midwest primarily because of the scalable set of timing options that we are able to deliver. They truly are Innovative Timing Systems."
-Tom Jordan, J3 Timing

"In 2009, I wanted to provide a chip timing solution for the few non-profits I was working with and also build a business around race management and event timing. Jaguar came out on top as they were the only provider of a chip on bib solution and the most complete software timing solution. We are able to deliver services and solutions that no other timing company can provide, which will continue to keep us ahead of any competition."
- Scott Wood, Athlete Guild, LLC

"Jaguar/ITS/IYR offers stellar customer service to us. Anytime I have questions, I can call or email for support. Jaguar/ITS/IYR allows us to offer a total package to race directors. For each event, we're able to offer a dynamic website that includes registration, fundraising, results, and sponsorships. We also offer instant upload of results and photos. When participants enjoy the perks of the race, they return the following year!"
- Aneesa Bhimani-Trimble, Key Sports

"The Best possible race experience comes from the integrated ITS YOUR RACE registration and results platform and the Jaguar timing systems. IYR registration data flows right into the Jaguar timing system and timing data flows right back into the IYR results platform. Athletes' times are available instantly, along with awards, team results, and multirace "challenges" are updated LIVE as athletes cross the finish line. There is simply no better experience than this full integrated platform. - Bruce Bokish, Precision Race

International Running Company

Honolulu Marathon est 1972 and over 30,000 participants.


"Before getting the Jaguar Digital Clocks 4 years ago our routine would be to have a team of cyclist ride their bikes out to our analog style clocks which had no back lighting and in order to start them they had to climb a ladder. They would sync their hand watches with the timer before leaving the starting line.  After getting to our over 20 clocks on the course they made sure the clock was connected to a external battery and that it was ready to go.

Wow! what a difference the Jaguar Clocks have made in our operations.  Now, we have no need for 30 “clock starters” and have our timing team, 2 people, place the clocks and turn them on since the internal battery works for most of the day.  I drive the pace truck leading our Elite runners through the course and have a timing tech person sitting next to me that simply points the Jaguar Remote Control at the various clocks and bam….it sync’s to the gun starting time and its as simply as that.

We are very happy with the Jaguar Clocks and would highly recommend ALL road races that have clocks on their course use them."

- JJ Johnson, Director of Race Operations Honolulu Marathon

Case Studies

Jaguar Chip Timing System Case Study Police and Fire Games. From Innovative Timing Systems

The World Police & Fire Games

Where Our Finest Go to Compete
70 Countries, 65 Games, and Over 60,000 People


Unique events that require timing multiple races at the same time, as well as having multiple timing points, can be a challenge. The World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles, California, was able to successfully provide 100% chip read rates for their athletes, despite the challenges. This was accomplished through the ability of Innovative Timing Systems' products that were used by One Time Racing, the official timing company for this event.

Jaguar Race Chip Timing System used at Destin Marathon timed by Innovative Timing Systems

Destin Marathon

Runners Are Thrilled by Immediate Results and High-Speed Photos During the Destin Marathon


The Kill Cliff® Destin Marathon and Half Marathon in Destin, Florida, was committed to providing the best race day experience for their athletes. They were able to capture over 85,000 race day photos for more than 1,000 participants. Runners also enjoyed the ease of immediate results on a convenient kiosk. This was accomplished through the use of Innovative Timing Systems' Jaguar products and the ITS YOUR RACE online race management solutions.

Jaguar Chip Timing System used at Peach Stand race. Case study by Innovative Timing Systems

Peach Stand Road Race 5K

Peach Stand Road Race 5K Grows Rapidly Since Using Innovative Timing Systems' Race Technology


For a race organizer, growing an event can be challenging. Locust Grove Main Street, who hosts the Peach Stand Road Race 5K in Locust Grove, Georgia, knew they needed to partner with a timing company that had their best interest in mind. The event chose Kilted Timing to make this happen. Kilted Timing is able to provide events the most up-to-date race technology through the use of Innovative Timing Systems' Jaguar products and the ITS YOUR RACE online race management solutions. Since partnering with Kilted Timing, the event has exploded, and runners are enjoying a better race day experience.

RaceTimes Magazine

RaceTimes Magazine

Imagine Reaching 760,000 Athletes

If you're ready to reach a massive audience of qualified prospects for your race, products or services, then RaceTimes is the best choice. Our readers are active athletes who participate in endurance sports events and they are buyers. We've made it remarkably easy and incredibly cost effective to reach your target audience with our digital magazine. We also offer advertising on our popular ITS YOUR RACE registration and results platform that receives over 2.5 million visitors a month. If you want to maximize your ad dollars, we have bundled packages we can quote for ads in RaceTimes, ads on ITS YOUR RACE and ads on our monthly emails that reach over 760,000 athletes!

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