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The IYRVirtual app is easy to use and can make running a virtual race a breeze for you. You can find your race in the search feature, click on the tracker, and once you are ready to begin, it will start tracking your distance and time! It will alert you when you reach the required distance and upload your time onto the results page automatically. This app's goal is to make virtual racing as easy as possible, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun of races. We ran a short 1-mile race to show you what you can expect when you use it. 


To track yourself during the race, simply search for your race in the search bar and click on the one you are registered for. Then click on the tracker tab when you are ready to start it will take you to the appropriate page. Slide the arrow to the right to start your virtual race. The app uses GPS to track your movements. It will tell you your pace, how much time has passed, the approximate amount of calories burned, and your distance. If you need to pause for any reason, you simply slide the red arrow to the left and it will pause the race for you. This can be helpful for people that can't run a 5K or 10K in one go and possibly need multiple days to finish. 

The app will vibrate to let you know that you have finished the race. It will prompt you to hit okay to upload your time to ITSYOURRACE and that's it! Your time has been uploaded to the site and you have finished the virtual race. A second screen will have an overview of your race, including your average pace per mile, finish time, and an outline of the GPS map of your virtual race. You can take selfies to commemorate the moment and upload them to IYR or social media to share with other participants of the race. Tag your picture with #RunnerStayStrong to be a part of a large virtual running community. 

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