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Note that prices are subject to change at anytime, so please call or email for confirmation

$5,499 with antennas & software

The Platinum XT delivers amazing read success for events from 50 to 50,000 participants. It works with all of our antennas and chips!

$2,999 with software

The perfect solution for small races with up to 250 participants. It's an All-In-One solution with everything in one small case!

$3,999 with antennas & software

Jaguar LITE gives you amazing timing features for a great price. It gives you the ability to time races of all sizes with complete support for all of our chips.

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Jaguar systems outperform the competition because we make 14 different chips that are optimized for every type of race.

$499 to $649

We invented the overhead and side antennas and their performance is legendary. Weather or obstacles are never a concern with them.


The FGA1500 offers an amazing ground antenna that is light, and designed to conform to uneven ground. It folds into a tiny space.


$3,999 to $6,999

High Speed Full Frame cameras for track & field, cycling, auto, and other types of races. Speeds from 120 to 1,000 frames/second.


Jaguar lasers are quad-beam for maximum reliability and accuracy. They're perfect for track & field and high precision finish lines.

digital clocks

$999 to $1,995

We've designed the most advanced clocks you'll ever find. Incredibly bright, light, thin, wireless control, and long battery life.

digital clocks


Our PowerPack provides AC and USB power for up to 24 hours of run time for many Jaguar products, as well as other items you own.

$49 to $99

When you need to mount a camera, television, clock, laptop computer or antenna, one of our amazing designs will meet your needs.


Jaguar SPOT is a complete solution for managing your timing chips, including programming and verifying. It's also great for chip check or timing backup. 

$995 to $1,995

Give your athletes an amazing race experience with our live Kiosks that show rankings and photos. They can also print a results receipt!


The Kiosk Tablet gives you a small size with portability. It still displays rankings and photos and prints to a portable receipt printer.


SnapShot Tablet is a high-speed capture device that collects photos automatically with synchronization to the Jaguar timing system.


SnapShot is our patented live race photo capture system that uses a USB camera to collect thousands of pics in real-time.

Note that prices are subject to change at anytime, so please call or email for confirmation

Wouldn't it be great if you could use one chip timing system platform for every imaginable type of race?

Well now you can. Jaguar has virtually no limits because of its unique design advantages

RFID tracking system

Jaguar timing systems are the premier timing equipment and chip timing systems used for RFID race timing systems in the world.

Our timing solutions  and chip timing are legendary because we make a bib with timing chip built in. If you need a timing chip for marathon then we are a great timing solutions.

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