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When it comes to Specialty Races, no other system can compare to Jaguar! Why? Because we spent years designing custom antennas, cables, mounts, chips, software and other tools you need for the most extreme timing scenarios.

  • Track & Field

  • Military PT Tests

  • Law Enforcement Fitness Exams

  • Adventure Races

  • Obstacle Races

  • Downhill Skiing

  • Cross Country Skiing

  • Biathlons

PT testing using the Jaguar Timing System
  • Head-to-Head competitions

  • Cross-fit events

  • Sailing, Kayak and Canoe races

  • Auto and Motocross races

  • Multi-Stage cycling events

  • Ninja competitions

  • Kart and RC car racing

  • Cross Country races

We organize sporting events with participant timing, tracking, photos and real-time updates.

Track & Field and Cross Country Races

PhotoVision finis line camera system from Innovative Timing Sytems

At ITS, we know what it takes to accurately time and score track & field and cross country meets. Our PhotoVision finish line cameras record to 1,000th of a second, just like our Jaguar chip timing systems. Working together, they make it easier to handle meets from 10 to 10,000 athletes!

Military and Law Enforcement Performance "PT" tests

Military PT tests usin a Jauar Chip Timing System

Jaguar is used by the U.S. Military at bases around the world. In fact, it's even used by specialty organizations that we can't talk about. From Asia to Europe to the Americas, Jaguar has received high praise from different military branches. It works reliably and it doesn't miss many reads, which is incredibly important during PT tests. Perhaps most important, unlike many of our competitors who are not USA companies, we're proud to make all of our systems here in America and it makes us feel good knowing we are supporting our troops!

Reading Bib Chips in the toughest of conditions

Jaguar Bib Chip covered in mud from an actual race

Want to time a Mud Run and truly get outstanding reads? We do it constantly and our performance is legendary. This photo shows an actual bib that was read just fine. It has over 1/4 inch of mud on it and the participant was also coated in mud. To accomplish this type of read performance, you need disposable timing chips that are designed to work around water. You need our patented foam protection system that wraps the chip with a protective layer. To put it simply, you need a Jaguar system and our Bib-Chip!

Timing swimmers in open water events

Open water swim being chip timed with Jaguar from Innovative Timing Systems

This may have been one of the most challenging ideas ever brought to us by a timer. They wanted a finish line in the water with swimmers going under it. To make this happen, we designed a custom chip that works great in wet conditions and is placed under the swim cap. We also designed antennas that are capable of reading chips that may be slightly under water. After many races like this one, we've managed to tune the performance of our systems and regularly deliver outstanding read rates. If you want a system that works in wet conditions, Jaguar is the winner!

Timing paddle boarders on a river with class 3 rapids

Paddle Board race being timed with Jaguar from Innovative Timing Systems

When the call came in to time this event, we immediately said "No Problem." Sure the river is about 70 feet wide at the finish line, but we knew that our patented Z-Chip, combined with our 8,000 antenna could read up to 75 feet away. The race organizer set the finish line, we aimed a single antenna across the river, had an expert kayak dude wear the chip and cross the finish line several times. We were then ready for the event. There were a lot of participants and Jaguar delivered a 100% read success with results being uploaded to our results site in real-time!

120 degrees, Rattlesnakes, winds, dust, need we say more?

Mountain bike race being timed with Jaguar from Innovative Timing Systems

Timing races in the desert when it's insanely hot, dusty and riders are coming by at 40 mph is not for the weak! Jaguar is the one system chosen over others because our engineers designed our products to take extreme abuse. We use Pelican cases for our products and they're military grade and nearly indestructible. Our Platinum readers have a proprietary cooling system built in to prevent overheating. Our dust containment approach ensures that Jaguar will keep working in the worst of conditions. As for the rattlesnakes, we kept a close eye on the ground!

Timing a race with splits points over 8 miles away

mountain bike race at Interbike being timed with Jaguar from Innovative Timing Systems

Sometimes large adventure races can span 8 to 10 miles across a brutal terrain. Split points become crucial because we're tracking participants to make sure nobody becomes lost and needs rescue from the desert. Jaguar has special features built in that allows it to collect data from timing points anywhere in the world, or in this case, 8 miles away. There's no cell service out here, so Jaguar is using a private network that can reach 50 miles! Not only are we collecting data from timing systems, we're providing real-time updates on large television displays at the finish line. 

Seriously? A 100 mile race through Death Valley?

Baker to Vegas Death Valley Race timed with Jaguar Chip System

What happens when over 8,000 law enforcement officers want to participate in a race across Death Valley that starts in Baker, California, and finishes at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They bring in Jaguar. It's perhaps the most complex 24 hour event held in the world. With 18 check points out on the course, over 1,500 volunteers, 5 helicopters for air evacuations, no cell service, no electricity for most of the need a timing system that not only survives, it must thrive. Jaguar is the platform that meets their needs!

Boston FirstNight Chooses the Jaguar Digital Clock

Jaguar race clocks being used to countdown new year in Boston

Every year at the stroke of midnight, cities across the world celebrate the New Year! In Boston, they needed a clock that was bright enough to see from a 1/2 mile away and one that would run on an internal battery for a long time. They choose the 9" Jaguar Digital Clock. It's light, thin, easy to deploy, water-resistant, easy to manage with a remote control and virtually visible from the Space Station. In other words, it's amazingly bright and that's because it's built by our engineers here in America and it uses only the highest grade LEDs and electronics!

No matter wind, ice, rain or snow...Jaguar's good to go

Snow boarder being timed with Jaguar lasers from Innovative Timing Systms

Wouldn't it be nice if the same chip timing system you purchased for 5Ks, cycling and triathlons could also be used for snowboarding and other winter sports? With Jaguar, you can do just that. Just plug in our Jaguar Laser, aim it across the course, and you'll have timing data accurate to 1,000th of a second. You can have up to 250 timing points so now you'll look just like the Olympic Games as you show the timing at each point along the course. Isn't it nice to know that your investment in our timing system allows you to do some incredible events!

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