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Jaguar Chip Timing Ground Antenna

March 2018

Setting up a Jaguar system in under 60 seconds

Jaguar systems can literally be set up in under a minute and this video shows you a timer doing just that. Simply amazing!


Jaguar Timing System FGA Antennas

June 2018

A new world of possibilities with a Jaguar FGA-1400

Imagine a timing system with a ground antenna that delivers 100% reads in rain with over 12,000 athletes in a 5K race!


Jaguar Chip Timingat Police Fund Raiser

July 2018

Jaguar delivers for Police fund raising event

When you need to raise money for a worthy cause, it helps if you have a timing system that integrates to a powerful fundraising platform.


Jaguar chip timing major races

May 2016

Jaguar used at some of the largest races in the world

When prestigious events want their athletes to experience something truly special, they rely on Jaguar for their timing solution.

Hire a Jaguar Chip Timer

August 2018

Why Race Organizers choose Jaguar and IYR

Many organizations know they want to put on a race, but sometimes they're not sure of how to do it. We come to their rescue with everything needed.

Jaguar Race Kiosks

January 2015

When you want to amaze athletes at your event

ITS has grown into the world leader in chip timing, photos, registrations, kiosks and other tools in one fully integrated platform

Jaguar Timer Zane

September 2016

A military veteran gives back using Jaguar.

If you want to meet an amazing guy who served our country and now serves up great events, meet Zane at International Running Company


August 2018

ITS YOUR RACE delivers amazing race benefits

When you want to maximize revenues and minimize challenges, you'll want to use IYR. The capabilities will truly amaze you.

Jaguar Chips are Amazing

March 2010

Everyone will tell you their chips are the best. Really?

ITS invented and patented the foam chip used for races and this video will show you why it really is the best in the world!

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