"When J3 Timing first started out we purchased a Cubby, which was by far the most reasonably priced starter system on the market. I've stayed with Jaguar because of the relentless pursuit ITS has in staying ahead of the curve. We have grown to be one of the largest timers in the midwest primarily because of the scalable set of timing options that we are able to deliver. They truly are Innovative Timing Systems."
-Tom Jordan, J3 Timing
"In 2009, I wanted to provide a chip timing solution for the few non-profits I was working with and also build a business around race management and event timing. Jaguar came out on top as they were the only provider of a chip on bib solution and the most complete software timing solution. We are able to deliver services and solutions that no other timing company can provide, which will continue to keep us ahead of any competition."
- Scott Wood, Athlete Guild, LLC
"Jaguar/ITS/IYR offers stellar customer service to us. Anytime I have questions, I can call or email for support. Jaguar/ITS/IYR allows us to offer a total package to race directors. For each event, we're able to offer a dynamic website that includes registration, fundraising, results, and sponsorships. We also offer instant upload of results and photos. When participants enjoy the perks of the race, they return the following year!"
- Aneesa Bhimani-Trimble, Key Sports
"The best possible race experience comes from the integrated ITS YOUR RACE registration and results platform and the Jaguar timing system. IYR registration data flows right into the Jaguar timing system and timing data flows right back into the IYR results platform. Athletes times are available instantly, along with awards, team results, and multirace challenges are updated LIVE as athletes cross the finish line. There is simply no better experience than this fully-integrated platform."
- Bruce Bokish, Precision Race