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Facebook- How to Stand Out In a Sea of Users 

The internet is a large, confusing place. Millions of people are competing for one another's attention. What hope does a small business have to stand out among so many pages? First, consider what you want your page to convey from the outside looking in. Go to your page or begin creating one and analyze it as a potential customer; does it clearly define who you are and what you do? This is the first step in creating a successful Facebook Business Page. In addition, use these tips as a guide to reach your full potential on Facebook. 

1. Cover and background photo etiquette

​Cover photos and profile pictures are not the ideal places to put a lot of information. The text is often too small for people to read and it ends up looking messy. Use your logo as your profile picture. If you have an upcoming race you want to promote, create a race cover photo that contains less than 20% text. Ideally, it should be all eye-catching visuals. Remember, this is the first thing people see when they click on your page. ​

2. Post the details

​It's frustrating to click on a Facebook page only for it to have little to no information on it. Treat your Facebook page like you would your website. Make sure you have as many details about your business as possible, including a link to your website and contact information. Use the "About" tab wisely, as too much text will overwhelm a reader. Tell people who you are and what you do without going into great detail. Be diligent with responding to Facebook direct messages as well, Facebook gives you a rating that users can see when trying to contact you. 

3. Create an event page

Individual Event Pages are the ideal place to put all of the details for upcoming events. Users can interact with the event and confirm if they are "going" or "interested" which will then send them reminders prior to the event. They can also purchase tickets that will take them directly to your registration page. Facebook gives you the option to Boost the Event, which allows you to target a specific area/demographic to ensure more people have the opportunity to learn about your event. You can also add a co-host on your Facebook Event Page, which allows other companies to post the event on their calendar, thus increasing exposure. 

4. Get the community involved in your events

Post a poll where followers can vote on an upcoming race logo or t-shirt design. By involving your followers in the process, they will start to have a personal stake in your races. You could hire a social media ambassador, an influential racer in your community that can support your swag and makes posts to their followers about your races. Often times the only thing an ambassador wants in return is a free t-shirt or other apparel. Consider giving them a promo code to give out to their followers so you can track how influential they actually are. You can also set up a referral program where they receive money back on their registration every time they get someone to sign up for one of your races. 

5. Engage with people 

If someone writes on your wall or messages you a question, answer them as soon as possible. Too often companies will receive a message and never respond, which can be perceived as rude. Customer service is key. Remember that tone does not translate over text and that word choices are essential when talking to customers. Listen to inquiries and note peoples' remarks about the event. Taking into account both positive and negative feedback will help you grow as a business person. Make some of your posts personal. It's refreshing for people to know that you are a real person and not another faceless company. Communicate with your followers and be transparent about your process. 

6. Cross-promote

No one is going to know about your Facebook page unless you tell them. Include info on your flyers telling people where they can look for updates. You can also persuade people to visit your page by having an online giveaway. If you have other social media accounts, mention it on there and provide a link. The more avenues you open up, the better chance people have of discovering you. 

7. Use multiple platforms

Sounds stressful, but it doesn't have to be. You want to make sure you don't place all of your eggs in one basket. As mentioned in previous blog posts, Millennials and Gen Z'ers do not utilize Facebook as much as older generations. If you want to target them, then you will have to create either a Twitter and /or Instagram account. 

There is no escaping it; social media is everywhere. This intense concentration of information can be dizzying to some, but it is incredibly helpful in marketing your company. Over 1 billion people have a Facebook account. Social media is checked, on average, every ten minutes. This is an untapped resource that must be incorporated into every business's marketing plan. The more likes a page has, the more legitimate it is considered. So get out there and start improving your page TODAY! 

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