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Jaguar G4

Our most powerful Race Timing System yet.

You've never seen anything this powerful before.

Our engineers spent two years designing a chip race timing system that could deliver 100% read success no matter how harsh the conditions you are facing. Our entire platform was built from the ground up around the Impinj E710 and E910 microprocessors. 

Impinj E710 Processor

Source: Impinj website

When you decide to re-invent the race timing industry, you give your engineers unlimited budgets and you turn them loose. The list of requirements are beyond normal. You ask them to deliver read rates that are 500% faster than current technologies. You ask them to reduce the power needed, the weight of the system, to design something that will survive a hurricane, and to deliver a product that will lead the industry for the next 10 to 20 years. You begin with the greatest RFID processors available, and you dream of what's possible.

Proudly Designed and Made in America

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