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Jaguar FGA-1500

A breakthrough in ground-based antennas

You've never seen anything this powerful before.

In 2008, we introduced our first ground-based antenna for race timing. At that time, we made the decision that perfection could not be achieved. There were simply too many engineering challenges for a small company to overcome. In time, as we continued to grow, we continued to perform R&D and we continued to test possible solutions at races. Then, just a couple of years ago, we introduced the FGA-1400 antenna. It was an immediate hit with our customers. However, our engineering team still wanted to achieve even more perfection. That happened just recently and we proudly announced our FGA-1500.  Take a look below at why it is truly a remarkable innovation for Chip Timing.

FGA 1500 at race_edited.jpg

15 Years in the making...

Just one cable that plugs into your race timing system

Completely sealed, so no need to open it up to clean or repair cables

Only 8/10ths of an inch in height, so no major trip hazard found in other products

Custom water channels that allows rain to flow off the surface quickly

Reads chips on bibs, shoes, bike plates, ankles, and much more

Uses a double-hinged design, which means it conforms to uneven ground beautifully

Folds out to 10 feet in width in less than 10 seconds

Folds up into a small canvas bag with a carrying strap

Weighs less than 38 pounds so it's  easy to carry and deploy

Proudly Designed and Made in America

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