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Jaguar SPOT: A Chip Management Solution

Jaguar SPOT, that has been changing the way our timers program their chips. We wanted to create a small, light, and portable product that could program chips in no time! 


So what exactly is Jaguar SPOT? It's a complete solution for managing your timing chips, including programming, verifying, and using as a chip check station. It consists of a small RFID reader with a built-in antenna and standalone software. The reader operates from the USB 3.0 or 3.1 port on your Windows 10/11 computer (tablet, laptop, or desktop), so you no longer need to set up your Jaguar timing system and antenna to program chips or to perform chip check.

Here's what one of our timers had to say about his SPOT experience:

"SPOT has already saved me a massive amount of time and I have only had it a couple of months. It makes programming bibs as painless and quick as possible. Second, the bulk verify ensures that I have actually programmed all the bibs I am taking to the event. Finally, using SPOT’s Race Chip Check feature at packet pickup catches countless errors made by volunteers (and runners) well before the event, instead of us having to deal with them during or after the event. I like to keep things simple and my overhead low, but I would absolutely make the same decision to buy a SPOT again!"
- Zane Holscher, Owner of International Running Company 

SPOT product


  • Allows you to program your Jaguar timing chips, incredibly fast at speeds up to 1,000 per hour.

  • Contains full Chip Check functions including the ability to load a Jaguar database in advance. 

  • Includes a Bulk Verify tool to test a box of bibs in less than 10 seconds. 

  • Can save the Jaguar database after Chip Check with the check-in times stored in Spilt 10.

  • Integrates with ITS YOUR RACE automatically to look up last-minute registrations. 

  • Can operate completely on battery power from the tablet or laptop. 

  • You can use up to 8 Jaguar SPOT readers in the same area for packet pickup or chip check operations.

  • Visual and audio confirmation that a chip has been read and programmed.  

  • Designed to be extremely easy for your volunteers and B team to use. 

  • Lightweight and small - only 2.25 x 5.25 inches. 

It's a Timing System, a Chip Programmer, a Chip Check Station, and more!

Wanna see SPOT in action? See the video here for a quick tutorial. 

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