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Timer of the Month is recognition bestowed upon a Jaguar Timer at the beginning of each month. The timer is chosen because they have done exemplary work with their timing business and we at ITS would like to highlight their contributions and hard work. 

The Timer of the Month for July is actually a team of timers from Nebraska! Ashley, Melissa, Chris, Kurtis & Hector are all co-owners of Run Nebraska. They work hard to bring amazing races to Nebraska and the surrounding areas so we asked them some questions, such as what they can't live without on race day, what motto they live by, and what advice they have for other timers. 



1. What motto do you live by? 

Kurtis: What doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger. We all make mistakes, but it's the lessons we take away from those mistakes that really matters.



2. What item can you not live without on race day?

Chris: Our Platinum reader. This is our most essential item for several reasons, but mostly because we accidentally left it at home one day on the morning of a race! Fortunately, we realized it in time so that we were able to get it with 30 minutes to spare before the race, but it was really an "oh, crap!" moment! At the time, we were freaking out, as you can imagine, but now, we are able to look back and laugh at it. It was a great learning experience to make sure we check all of the boxes on race day!



3. What is your essential go-to ITS product?

Kurtis: It's a cop-out answer, but we rely on the full-suite. The integration is what makes ITS products shine. We rely on ITS YOUR RACE to give our clients a great experience on the front-end, and the awesome back-end tools the like the Platinum reader and Jaguar suite to nail the results. We love that we don't have to piecemeal a solution together. It gives our clients a consistent end-to-end experience.



4. What event have you timed or hosted that has meant a lot to you?

Chris: While we've timed some really great races that have some great meaning to them, the White Light Mile is our very own race, which was launched last year. Having run down almost every street in our small-ish town, I always love running downtown and have always thought how cool it would be to host a race down there. Finally being able to do that has been a really awesome experience, and it's allowed us to put our personality (of which, we have a lot!) into something that we can call our own. From the vibe, to the theme, music, food, swag...this is one that we can call 100% ours, it's been a blast being able to do this, and we're looking forward to an even better second year!



5. Do you have any advice for other timers?

Kurtis: Constantly adapt, and don't be afraid of change. The technology field is always shifting, and our clients' expectations are growing right with it. Get ahead of the game, and understand what's coming down the pike. The worst thing you can do is to make yourself irrelevant. I'd also say, don't take yourself too seriously. While our clients know we are a professional group, we also try to relate to them on a personal level. Also, don't be too rigid. Giving a little extra effort, or throwing in an extra service can pay off in dividends. When something inevitably goes wrong, the personal relationship you develop with your clients can really save your neck.


Chris: Take notes. Write things down. Don't be afraid to ask questions. 

Congratulations to the Run Nebraska again for their amazing work! We are incredibly honored to have you as part of the Jaguar Family.



If you would like to learn more about Run Nebraska or get in touch with them, you can find their website here. Make sure to like and follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! 




Upcoming Events:

July 4, 2019- 4th of July Hooper Fun Run

July 4, 2019- Murray Freedom Festival 5K Run

July 7, 2019- Lincoln Running Co. Mile

July 13, 2019- Spearfish Canyon Half marathon and 5K Run/Walk

July 13, 2019- Ridge Road Run


July 13, 2019- Cornhuskers State Games Adventure Race


July 14, 2019- Papillion Mayor's Triathlon 


July 14, 2019- Nebraska Football Road Race

July 20, 2019- Purple Stride Omaha 2019

July 27, 2019- Cornhuskers State Games 5K

July 28, 2019- The Indie

July 28, 2019- Cornhuskers State Games Triathlon 

Want to see what other races they have for the rest of the year? Check out their race calendar here

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