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Timer of the Month is a recognition bestowed upon a Jaguar timer at the beginning of each month. The timer is chosen because they have done exemplary work with their timing business and we at ITS would like to highlight their contributions and hard work.


So without further ado, the Timer of the Month for May is...drumroll, please… EDDIE JONES of Nexus Timing. Eddie co-founded Nexus Timing with his brother, a newly retired Air Force veteran. Together they work tirelessly to provide timing for a variety of events in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. As a family with strong ties to the military, they live and work by the motto of Trust, Respect, and Integrity. We asked Eddie a few questions about how he got into the timing business and what he enjoys about this competitive industry.

1. What made you decide to become a timer?

I was looking for something different, compared to an office job, and with my brother retiring from the Air Force I knew he would be available to work with me. We have a cousin that is in the running business and was looking for a timer to work with or to take it in-house, so we stepped in saying we would start a timing business and work with her.

2. What has been your favorite event that you’ve timed or managed?

It is difficult to choose a particular event since they are all unique in their own way. We do an annual race called the Tulsa Urban Adventure which consists of loops that are 25 miles each and people can choose to do however many loops totaling up to 100 miles. I like this race because of the duration (30+ hours) and you get to spend more time at the event.

3. Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

I would have to say my cousin, who is providing events to time and whom we are working with for our own events. We are gaining a lot of knowledge from her many years of experience.

4. What is your essential go-to race day ITS product?

The Platinum timing system since we do chip timing, but also for the fact it is nice to have hardware that is reliable. Too often today, you never know if the equipment is going to work or not, but with the Platinum, there is no doubt.

5. What is one piece of advice that you would give to other timers?

Try your best to keep calm and always look for ways to improve for the next race. After each race we talk about what did or did not go smoothly and what/how can we make changes to improve or ensure it does go smoothly next time.

Congratulations again to Eddie Jones and his crew at Nexus Timing. We at Innovative Timing Systems are proud to have you as a part of our Jaguar family.


If you would like to learn more about Nexus Timing or get in contact with them, you can find their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



Upcoming races: 


May 4, 2019- Dam Run Half Marathon / 5K


May 25, 2019- Day Ohn Day Run 5K/10K


May 27, 2019- Maple Ridge Memorial Day Run & Festival


May 31, 2019- Tulsa Pride Rainbow Run 5K


September 7, 2019- Hex House Zombie Outbreak


September 28-29, 2019- Tulsa Urban Adventure 100 Mile


December 8, 2019- Half N Half Marathon


December 31, 2019- Race Into the New Year 5K

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