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PhotoBooth - Selfies and how you can profit from them!

PhotoBooth is a tool that allows participants to take selfies "photo booth style” on a tablet. The software runs in the Windows environment, so it will work on most PCs and windows-based tablets. Participants will walk up to the tablet to enter a bib number and press a button that begins a countdown. Once the countdown has completed, the software captures a photo of the participant from a USB camera. If given an internet connection, the photos will automatically upload to ITS YOUR RACE. 

Applications for PhotoBooth:

While the literal application of PhotoBooth is fairly obvious, below are a few suggestions regarding how you might use it to benefit your company: 

  • Offer a PhotoBooth to all races. Present it as a benefit of working with your organization.  

  • Sell PhotoBooth as an upgrade to your customers. 

  • Sell sponsorship for the backdrop of your PhotoBooth. 

  • Include PhotoBooth with other services in an up-sell "premium" package. 


CEO and Founder Kurt Hansen weighs in on this new photo product by saying, "PhotoBooth is the perfect automated solution that allows athletes to quickly capture pictures at packet pickup, on the course, or just after they’ve completed the race. It’s entirely self-service and the photos are automatically uploaded to our ITS YOUR RACE website. This gives athletes lasting memories of the event." 

Helpful Hints:

  • Use a high-quality USB camera such as the Logitech C920. A resolution of 1920 x 1080 or better is suggested. 

  • Place the USB camera at a height of about 4 ft. on a camera tripod so that there is a slight upward angle on the picture. 

  • Hang a backdrop that displays your company's logo and make sure it is 8 x 8 ft. in size. A lightweight truss is ideal for hanging a backdrop. Make sure the backdrop is well secured. High winds could blow it over. 

  • Set up the camera in a spot where there's plenty of light so the picture is bright and clear.

  • Place the camera as close as possible to the participants as they stand in front of the backdrop so their bodies/face take up as much of the picture as possible. Close photos are more appealing. Generally speaking, a distance of about 8 ft from the backdrop works well, but you'll need to fine tune it. Take a test photo to ensure the background of the photo only includes the background and not other items such as a fence, car, etc. 

  • Let the athletes and their families know that they can take as many photos as they wish. People love to receive 2-3 photos from before and after their race. 

  • Use PhotoBooth at packet pickup. You'll be surprised at how many people will want to take photos.

  • In addition to considering photo buyout, look for opportunities to sponsor the backdrop.

About Innovative Timing Systems, LLC: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC is a privately-owned company, providing leading-edge sports timing solutions and race timing services through a network of over 500 locations around the world. ITS provides advanced chip technologies, race kiosks, large athlete displays, live web updates, automated race photos, social media integration and mobile apps. Founded in 2008, ITS is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has sales, support, and engineering facilities in numerous locations around the world.

About ITS YOUR RACE: ITS YOUR RACE is the leader in online event management. An all-inclusive endurance event platform, ITS YOUR RACE offers easy registration and results with custom features including sponsorships, advertising opportunities, GPS tracking, athlete photos, finisher certificates, fundraising, and more. Over 10,000 events have chosen ITS YOUR RACE.

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