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Timer of the Month is a recognition bestowed upon a Jaguar Timer at the beginning of each month. The timer is chosen because they have done exemplary work with their timing business and we at ITS would like to highlight their contributions and hard work.​


Our Timer of the Month for September is Bob Underwood from Underdog Race Timing. They provide event services for a variety of races; from a regular 5K to a canoe race, Underdog Race Timing has got you covered. They also help time the New York State Special Olympics Track Championship, an organization that creates opportunities for intellectually disabled people to participate in Olympic-style, coached sports. 



1. What is your essential go-to ITS product?

Essential Jaguar Go To Product? I would say the Platinum Reader. We love the size and most of all how well it works. We have timed many races and almost always get 100% read rates. It is a great product and makes our job a lot easier.

2. Who or what has been your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration is the people in the races we time. Being an athlete myself, I think it is great to see the huge number of different athletes that we see at races. People of all different abilities, who are all there for different reasons. We work several events each year with the Special Olympics and love seeing those athletes out there just for the love of what they do.

3. What is the motto you live by?

Be prepared, be organized, work hard, be kind. Not so much a motto as it is our company policy.

4. What event have you timed or hosted that has meant a lot to you? 

Each year we time a Mountain Bike Race called the Churney Gurney. It is our race and we do it as a fundraiser for our summer camp we run for Children on the Autism Spectrum, "Camp Under the Woods".  We started the race 6 years ago with just 35 racers and this year we had over 300 racers and it has grown to be one of the largest mountain bike races in the East.  Being the timer, race organizer, clean up guy, etc, allows 100% of the funds to go to the camp. This is our main fundraiser and we have great help from the community and the town. Always a highlight of our race season.

5. Do you have any advice for other timers?

I got into the timing business because of some of the grumpy timers in our area. I believe our job is to try to make less stress for the race organizer, not more. So try to be accommodating, be helpful, get there early, and don't leave until everything is done. If you see they need help, pitch in, and make the race go as smooth as possible. The more you can do to make it a good event, the better you look as the timer. We all know that the timer gets the blame for errors, even if they did not give us the correct data. Remember it is only one of the thousands of races that are going on that day, but it is important to the people racing. Even the ones doing 60 minutes for that 5K... Smile and have fun. We laugh a lot but we always have good results.

Congratulations again to Bob Underwood of Underdog Race Timing. We at Innovative Timing Systems are proud to have you as a part of our Jaguar family.


If you would like to learn more about Underdog Race Timing or get in contact with them, you can find their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Upcoming Races


September 7, 2019- Springstead Shaker Invitational 

September 7, 2019- Voorhesville Blackbird Invitational 

September 8, 2019- Roundtop Mountain Bike Race 

September 10, 2019- Glens Falls Cross Country Dual Meet 

September 10, 2019- Queensbury Cross Country Dual Meet 

September 14, 2019- Queensbury Adirnodack Invitational  

September 15, 2019- TAM Trek  

September 17, 2019- Queensbury Cross Country Dual Meet 

September 17, 2019- Schuylerville Cross Country Dual Meet 

September 17, 2019- Saratoga Cross Country Dual Meet 

September 21, 2019- Guilderland Cross Country Invitational  

September 21, 2019- Run for the River 

September 24, 2019- Schuylerville Cross Country Dual Meet  

September 28, 2019- Amy's Run for the Lake  

September 28, 2019- South Glens Falls KDawg Invitational 

To see a calendar of all their upcoming events, visit here

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