Track & Field Timing at an Affordable Price!

Time your track meets and produce accurate results using our PhotoVision high-speed camera at your finish line.


A complete photo capture system including the camera, software and F.A.T. wireless gun capture! 


  • Full frame high resolution color photos

  • F.A.T. results accurate to 200th of a sec

  • Easy to set up in less than 10 minutes

  • No image stretching or distortion

  • Connects to a laptop over USB

  • No thin slices here, it's full frame pics

  • Integrates with laser for automated capture

  • Sends finish time to our digital clocks

  • Interfaces to all meet management software

  • Lightweight and easy to deploy

No Special Skills Required!

Be up and running and ready to time a meet in minutes, that's how easy the set up is!

Anyone can quickly set up the PhotoVision camera and software.

Cut down on costs with minimal training time and no need for multiple employees.

FATcap Gun Sensor

As easy as "ready... set... go!"


Use the FATcap Transmitter and Receiver for Fully Automatic Timing (FAT).


  • Lightweight and wireless

  • Transmitter detects starter pistol

  • Ignores crowd noise, wind and loud music

  • Start signal transmits nearly 2,000 ft (600 m) to Receiver

  • Supports multiple lasers for triggering photo capture

Digital Clocks

Deliver clear and immediate results to spectators and athletes with our LED clocks!


Jaguar 7" Digital Clock - $1,595

Jaguar 9" Digital Clock - $1,995


  • Dual super-bright durable LEDs

  • Incredibly thin at about 1 inch in depth

  • Light and easy to mount

  • Internal battery lasts up to 16 hours

  • Displays times to 100th of a second

  • Wireless remote control

  • Comes with USB dongle & software

  • Displays times, laps, bibs, counter, etc.

  • Up to 250 clocks can be synchronized

  • Communicates with Jaguar PhotoVision software

  • Can be operated on 110-240 volts AC

  • Works great in rain, ice, snow and heat

  • Used at major events worldwide

Everything you need for Fully Automatic Timing!

Trigger photo capture automatically and send PhotoVision finish times to the optional Jaguar Digital Clock.

Don't Forget the Clock!

Imagine having a 7" or 9" digital clock at the finish line that fans can see from over 1,000 feet away!

Which solution is right for you?



PhotoVision 2000

FATcap Wireless Gun Sensor

PhotoVision Software


Rain/Sun Shield




Everything in Standard, plus:

Premium Tripod


7-inch Digital Clock

Clock Tripod

Laser Transmitter

Laser Receiver 

Laser Tripods

50' Laser Cable





Everything in Standard, plus:

Premium Tripod

7-inch Digital Clock

Clock Tripod​​

Laser Transmitter

Laser Receiver 

Laser Tripods

50' Laser Cable 


It started back in 2007 and today we are the world leader in RFID race timing technology.


- Race operations support

- Marketing programs

- Lead generation to help you grow

- Amazing technical support

- Loaner equipment for those big races

- Incredible training

- Financing to help you expand

- Support from a regional office


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