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How to Become a Timer

Becoming a Jaguar timer is relatively easy and it can help you create a full or part-time business that can generate a significant amount of profits.

At ITS, our goal is to partner with you and help you become successful. 


For that to happen we have an amazing number of services and tools that no other company can begin to provide.

Let's walk through the steps of becoming a Jaguar timer!

runners legs.
Step 1: Analyzing Your Opportunities

Creating a timing company is no different than starting any other business. You need to identify your target customers and make some decisions about the type of events you want to time.


We can help you with this process because we have over 500 timers in 40+ countries and we truly understand the subtle differences between Denver and Denmark. You can call us and simply ask to speak to a sales consultant. We'll utilize the talents of our marketing, timer development and support teams to help you better understand your opportunities. 

Step 2: Purchasing Your First System

Now you are ready to get started and we'll help you configure the proper system. One of the great things about our products is that they can survive nearly any condition or environment. They also has multiple levels of redundancy, ensuring you that your timing will be outstanding. 

One of the challenges for many new companies is having the cash to invest in the equipment needed. We've even solved that by offering financing through our third-party finance company. Financing is often the best choice because you can conserve cash, pay over time, and in many cases, write off the expense of your purchase. Our agents will be able to walk you through your options. 

Step 3: Receiving Training

We're second to none when it comes to training and support. It starts with our comprehensive manual that teaches you the basics of timing and also explains the various features in our software and hardware. You'll also gain access to our private training web site where you can watch short videos that explain everything. In addition to that, we have case studies and other training documents that focus on everything from business fundamentals to advanced timing topics.


You would think we would stop there...but not a chance. Next, we'll assign one of our 5 support engineers to give you personal user training remotely over the internet. When your first race is approaching, you'll be able to upload your race files and we'll even do a complete simulation of the event to make sure your ready to go!

Step 4: Setting Up Your Its Your Race Account

ITS YOUR RACE (IYR) is one of the largest registration platforms in the world and offers amazing features that race organizers desire. Unlike other timing systems, our IYR services are completely integrated into our Jaguar timing software. That means you can offer live results on televisions, web sites, smartphones, tablets and other devices.


Now for the best part; we pay our timers a minimum of $1 for every paid registration on our platform and even more if the registration amount is for an event like a Marathon, where the registration fee is perhaps $100. Imagine timing 1,500 every month and receiving a check for $1,500 or more for the online registrations! 

Step 5: Marketing Your Services

The first step is making sure you have a great web site and marketing materials. We can help you with your web site design and even show you examples of outstanding web sites used today by other Jaguar timers. In addition, we'll provide you the artwork for your own brochures, for FREE, with your logos and corporate message built in. You can then print the brochures you need at a local or online supplier. We take care of the design so that you can start up quickly and not have to spend money on the artwork.


The next step is showcasing your company on Google, and we'll help you with that as well. For less than $100 a month, you can begin advertising your web site so that people looking for timers in your area will find you. We have experts on our team who can guide you in your Google advertising program. 

Step 6: Launch! Now You Are Timing Races

Your business is now up and running and you're about to time your first race! Three to five days before your race, you can call us and we'll take remote control of your system to verify that your settings are correct. Then on race morning, we'll be here ready to take your call should you need any help.


We're open for support 364 days a year and ,since most races are on a weekend, we open at 7am on Saturday and Sunday. Best of all, unlike competitors who might have an answering machine for weekend support, we have a team of engineers who are immediately available. 

Step 7: Expanding Your Business Rapidly

Once you have your first few races timed, you'll be ready to expand and start making a lot more money. To do that, you'll want to begin timing more than just running, cycling or triathlon events. Jaguar makes that possible because our systems are designed to time virtually any kind of race. Our systems are incredibly flexible and we have a large portfolio of chips that are custom designed to maximize read performance in specialty races. Best of all, we don't make you buy a different type of system to do this. No need to own a passive and active system! 

Step 8: Making More Money By Using Our Products

Now that your business is growing... you are poised to make a lot more money by offering additional services to races. Every race organizer wants to deliver a world-class experience to their athletes. We have numerous products that are fully integrated into the Jaguar platform. 

Step 9: Helping The Race Grow and You Grow As Well

As a race timer, you are effectively a partner with the event, and as they grow and prosper, so will you. Obviously, helping them put on a first class event with Jaguar and ITS YOUR RACE (IYR) will cause more athletes to come back. It will also attract new athletes when they are looking for an event in their area and they see the race listed on IYR. It's not uncommon for our timers to see significant growth in the size of the events they assist. You can also take an ad out in our online endurance sports magazine, RaceTimes, which has over 500,000 subscribers. 

Step 10: Enjoying The Financial Results

Many of our 500+ timers joined our family because they wanted to make some extra money. No matter your reason for this, one thing is clear. If you're ready to work hard and build your own business, we can help you accomplish your dreams. We're the only company that provides a fully integrated technology platform, enhanced by our business training, supported by our marketing department, perfected with our training and support teams and designed to give you income from multiple revenue streams associated with the event.

So there you have it. A comprehensive program that is more than just a timing system purchase. You don't even have to take our word for it...just review the testimonials shown below.


"In 2009, I wanted to provide a chip timing solution for the few non-profits I was working with and also build a business around race management and event timing. Jaguar came out on top as they were the only provider of a chip on bib solution and the most complete software timing solution. We are able to deliver services and solutions that no other timing company can provide, which will continue to keep us ahead of any competition."

- Scott Wood, Athlete Guild, LLC

"Jaguar/ITS/IYR offers stellar customer service to us. Anytime I have questions, I can call or email for support. Jaguar/ITS/IYR allows us to offer a total package to race directors. For each event, we're able to offer a dynamic website that includes registration, fundraising, results, and sponsorships. We also offer instant upload of results and photos. When participants enjoy the perks of the race, they return the following year!"

- Aneesa Bhimani-Trimble, Key Sports

"The best possible race experience comes from the integrated ITS YOUR RACE registration and results platform and the Jaguar timing system. IYR registration data flows right into the Jaguar timing system and timing data flows right back into the IYR results platform. Athletes' times are available instantly, along with awards, team results, and multirace "challenges" are updated LIVE as athletes cross the finish line. There is simply no better experience than this fully- integrated platform. "

"When J3 Timing first started out we purchased a Cubby, which was by far the most reasonably priced starter system on the market. I've stayed with Jaguar because of the relentless pursuit ITS has in staying ahead of the curve. We have grown to be one of the largest timers in the midwest primarily because of the scalable set of timing options that we are able to deliver. They truly are Innovative Timing Systems."

-Tom Jordan, J3 Timing

- Bruce Bokish, Precision Race

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