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RapidResults Race Kiosk


Give the ultimate race day experience.

Jaguar RapidResults Kiosk is the perfect solution for your race-day registrations, live results, and race photos!


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Summary of Included Features for the Jaguar RapidResults Kiosk

  • Provides race-day registration as well as live results throughout the event
  • A completely self-contained computer system that operates on less than 60 watts of power
  • Computer has built-in Wi-Fi and communicates automatically with all Jaguar timing systems
  • 100% real-time results with no delay…generates race results immediately
  • Can print race results and also allow athletes to purchase their race photos
  • You can customize the screen to include a race logo and advertising messages
  • Athlete can enter their bib number or their name to look up their results
  • Ideal for packet pickup or expos where people can enter custom race messages for an athlete
  • Operates on 110-volt power or a portable generator
  • Works great for any type of race event you are timing with the Jaguar system

Note: The Jaguar Kiosk/Chip Check Reader is not available in countries with EU frequencies.

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